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Clean & Organic Foundations For Every Skin Type

Your makeup is often the last part of your daily routine to get switched over to a clean and organic option.  It's hard finding the right shade or the perfect coverage.
Recently I was asked to weigh in on some of my favorite "clean" foundations for an article on Mind Body Green, written by Stephanie Eckelkamp.  
Click the button below to see some of my, and makeup artist Kristen Arnett's, favorite foundations for each skin type.

A Few Quick Thoughts On Makeup

Opting for a natural foundation is just as important as having natural skincare. Ingredients in makeup,  just like most skincare ingredients, when applied topically find their way into the body and bloodstream in addition to effecting the health of the skin. 

Traditional makeup is formulated with all kinds of pore clogging ingredients, like silicones and talc, or known skin irritants, like bismuth oxide and synthetic preservatives. However, even some “clean” makeup brands sneak these ingredients into their formulas, which is why it’s so important to look at what’s actually in your makeup even if you think it’s a natural product. 

Powder vs. Liquid

To put it simply, I would say powder works best for oily skin, while liquids and creams tend to be best for drier skin types. But that’s way too general since not all powders or cream foundations are formulated the same. You really need to look at each product’s ingredients to figure out if it’s best suited for your skin, just like you would with skincare. 

When using loose mineral powders, be mindful not to breathe in the powder. I touched upon this during my SPF blog post when talking about spray-on sunscreens. These minerals, when inhaled, can build up in the lungs causing all kinds of problems later on.

Ingredients For Each Skin Type

Matte finish products will make dry skin look drier. For dry skin types, look for foundations rich in organic plant oils like sunflower or castor, in addition to organic butters and waxes. These will help moisturize the skin, preventing a cake-y finish.

For oily skin types, you’re going to want to avoid certain oils, especially coconut, and waxy formulas particularly carnauba wax, that will give extra shine and can congest pores.  Opt for an organic aloe based foundation that will hydrate without imparting too much moisture or pure mineral pigment that will absorb oil.  

All skin will benefit from plant based silicone alternatives. Look for coconut alkanes or Coco-Caprylate, both are coconut based silicone alternatives that give silky slip to foundation without the negative effects. 


I love Vapour Beauty’s foundations. Their Atmosphere Luminous Foundation is fantastic for drier skin types due to its moisturizing ingredient list. It adds a natural glow to skin without settling into lines. Their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation uses Vapour’s proprietary Herbal Enlightenment Complex which is fantastic for soothing irritations and light weight enough for normal to oily skin types. 

Juice Beauty’s Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation is my go to for oily skin. Based in organic Aloe Vera, antioxidant rich vitamins and lightweight plant oils, this hydrating liquid gives the perfect satin finish. 

Fitglow’s Vita Active Foundation is great for skin types wanting extra sun protection and brightening due to antioxidant rich vitamin C (specifically, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate which is fantastic at combatting UV rays and minimizing pigmentation), seaweed brighteners and beta carotene.  

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