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Holiday Bundles For Winter Skin

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas already?! This year has flown by so fast. If you’re like me, you’re just trying to get through the day’s to-do-list let alone think about holiday shopping.  

I’m here to make picking out a gift for your favorite skincare enthusiast a little easier. Raise your hand if you’re dry and dehydrated from frigid temperatures outside and blazing heaters within. 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️ I have two fantastic skincare bundles that focus on moisture, just in time for the holidays!

When your skin’s barrier function is impaired it allows moisture to escape leaving your skin tight and dry. In addition, when you skin’s defenses are down tiny little particles of pollutants are able to sneak in causing irritation. That’s the red sensitivity that comes with dry winter skin. This is something that can happen to all skin types even if you’re normally on the oily side. Adding a facial oil into your winter routine is a fantastic way to combat this seasonal dryness. Plus these holiday bundles make fantastic gifts for your favorite skincare enthusiast!

Every evening skincare ritual should start with an oil cleanse to remove all the makeup, sunscreen, dirt, dead skin and pollution that accumulates on the surface of your skin. If not properly removed, these particles wreak havoc on the skin causing age inducing inflammation. 

Carter and Jane’s Everything Oil Cleanser is the newest addition to their collection of prickly pear based products. Find out why Prickly Pear is one of my favorite oil here. This cleanser blends PPSO with Castor and Sesame Seed oils to emulsify and lift away surface debris. Plus it has this deliciously unique aroma of organic Cocoa extract and Rose Otto, making it a chocolaty treat to end your day.  

Once removed follow it with the nourishing vitamin E rich Everything Oil to soothe inflamed and irritated dry winter skin. 

New to Oil Cleansing? Watch this video to learn what it is, its benefits and how to do it easily at home.

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Wilder North

Vital Dawn Defensive Day Serum & Amethyst Gemstone Roller

$106.25 ($18.75 Savings)

This bundle is a perfect way to start your day, with a healthy dose of protective antioxidants and a calming de-puffing amethyst rolling session. Wilder North’s Vital Dawn Defensive Day Serum is a protective blend of Argan oil, Rose Hip and Raspberry Seed Oils. An abundant natural source of retinoic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E, Rose Hip and Raspberry Seed oils pack a big punch against UV damage and environmental stressors, making them perfect ingredients for day time protection. This blend is nourishing while still lightweight on the skin and non-comedogenic. Make sure to check out my Gemstone Roller Video to see how to use this tool easily at home. 

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