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MY FAVORITE FACIAL DEVICES - How To Bring Professional Results Home

This post is the fourth of five individual posts that will explain, in-depth, the steps of my OE Signature Facial. Feel free to try each one as it’s delivered to your inbox or simply introduce the steps that speak most to you and your individual skin care needs.

Today we finally get to the good stuff, facial devices! If you’ve been following the blog, my YouTube Channel, or even my Insta, you know I absolutely love facial tools. I talk about them all of the time. Aside from proper home-care, these gadgets are the hands-down best way to increase results and decrease aging. I often refer to them as modalities, meaning these gadgets offer specific methods of treatment, addressing things like loss of collagen, muscle laxity or tightness, wrinkles, breakouts, and puffiness.

Before we jump into all these fun dodads, make sure you’ve learned How To Give Yourself A Spa Worthy Cleanse At Home, How To Exfoliate Like A Pro, and all about Treatment Masks - The Treat That’s Not Just For Professional Treatments.

Layering modalities

In my OE Signature Facial, I layer Gua Sha, Microcurrent, and an Oxygen Infusion, to achieve optimal anti-aging results. Gua Sha drains waste and excess fluid from the face while increasing healthy circulation, allowing microcurrent to be more effective. Microcurrent creates vital cellular energy while also activating the muscles to tone the face and decrease wrinkles. I finish with an oxygen infusion, to lock in hydration and give the skin extra components necessary for healthy skin function, since oxygen is vital for all cellular activity and, just like everything else, decreases as we age. Each treatment builds on the next and together becomes greater than it’s parts.

This idea of layering modalities is something you can also do at home. Some of the treatments I’m about to explain might be familiar to you, especially if you’re one of my clients. And if you’re not, you’ll be getting an inside look at what makes up my signature facial. I’ll walk you through how to duplicate this service at home, by layering modalities, listing devices in order of use for those of you interested in using multiple devices. And for anyone just interested in what the heck these little guys do, I explain that in-depth and show you how to use them.


Gua Sha & Gemstone Rollers

This is my favorite place to start. Both gua sha and gemstone rolling can be used to perform a sculpting and soothing facial massage. This stimulates blood flow, rich with oxygen and nutrients, to facial tissue while simultaneously draining toxins and de-puffing the face. Both tools can create a relaxing massage that melts away tension and leaves skin glowing.

If you’re new to this type of treatment, I find that gemstone rollers are easier to use. Simply glide them out and down to drain the face or out and up to lift and contour. That being said, I also find that a Gua Sha treatment can give better results. So start with a roller to get used to the movements then graduate to a Gua Sha. Make sure to watch my video tutorials on how to use these tools down below.

Pro Tip: Make sure to hold your gua sha at a 45-degree angle from your face, almost flat against the skin. You also want to be mindful of pressure. When using your tools to drain the face, use a feather-light touch. It might seem too gentle to do anything, but the lymphatic system is delicate, and too much pressure bypasses it altogether.

Who’s it for: EVERYONE! Just avoid using these tools over any sores or breakouts.

Wilder North Gua Sha Tools, Wilder North Gemstone Rollers

Make sure to use code OrganicKatie for 10% off


LED Light Therapy

I’ve talked a lot about LED in the past, specifically in this blog post. This treatment stimulates collagen and tissue regeneration creating tighter smoother skin, oxygenates by increasing circulation, reduces inflammation and redness, accelerates healing, and promotes product penetration.

Using LED before microcurrent warms the tissue and can increase microcurrent results.

Pro Tip: Pair it with a serum! LED can be performed on clean, dry skin or over a water-based serum, ideally, a serum full of antioxidants. Just make sure you’re not using anything photosensitive that might cause pigmentation.

Who’s it for: Anyone looking to increase skin the health of their skin, while firming and minimizing wrinkles. Not suitable if pregnant, epileptic, have a photo-allergy, are using medications that cause light sensitivity (such as Tetracycline), or if you are currently taking steroids or cortisone injections.

LightStim For Wrinkles, NuFace Trinity Wrinkle Eraser Attachment, Project E 7 Color Photon Mask


Similar to LED Light Therapy, Radio Frequency increases collagen. Unlike LED, Radio Frequency uses heat and a special type of current to stimulate collagen and elastin production deep in the dermis, 4mm below the skin, creating tighter, more lifted skin. Making it great for addressing both wrinkles and sagging skin.

I just started using a new FDA cleared at-home Radio Frequency device called the NEWA. Some of you already have this gadget, and I’ve been getting lots of requests for doing a NEWA video. So keep an eye out for one in the next few weeks.

Who’s it for: Anyone looking to tighten loose skin and minimize wrinkles. Not suitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, epileptic, have a pacemaker, have a heart condition, have active cancer, have metal or piercings in the treatment area, have a blood clotting disorder or using a blood-thinning medication, suffer from autoimmune disorders or diabetes, have used Accutane in the last six months, or have Fitzpatrick skin types V or VI.

Use code NEWAORGANIC when you purchase a NEWA Classic RF device and get 10% off the sale price! For the month of October 2020, use code NEWA20 for 20% off.


Microcurrent is the ultimate in anti-aging treatments and my personal favorite. It is known for actively lifting and contouring muscles of the face, but microcurrent also reduces the appearance of fine lines by lengthening tight muscles. It stimulates collagen production. It breaks down scar tissue. It minimizes hyperpigmentation, and it eliminates acne-causing bacteria. When it comes to anti-aging, this device does a little bit of everything.

There are a handful of at-home microcurrent devices on the market, but my all-time favorite is the MyoLift Mini! It offers a higher intensity and more treatment options than any other at-home microcurrent machine, all while being the most cost-effective. I started with the Mini in my facials then upgraded to 7eWellness’s profession devices, the MyoLift 600 and the MyoLift MD, and love them all! If you’re looking to add one device into your home skincare routine, I highly suggest the MyoLift Mini.

Pro Tip: Two steps in one! To save time at home or in the treatment room, perform your microcurrent treatment over a mask. I love 7eWellness’s ATP Booster Mask and use it in my OE Signature Facial, but you can perform microcurrent over any water-based mask, even over sheet masks!

Who’s it for: Anyone looking to lift the face, decrease wrinkles, and increase skin health. Not suitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, epileptic, have a pacemaker, or have active cancer.

7eWellness MyoLift Mini (use code OrganicEsthetician for 5% off), NuFace Trinity

Foreo UFO

I talked about this little guy last post but, because it is a facial device, I thought I’d include it here as well. The Foreo UFO is a multi-modality device, with T-sonic pulsations, Thermo-therapy, Cryo-Therapy, and LED therapy. That means it pulsates to push products deeper into the skin. As it heats up, it increases oxygen-rich blood to the skin's surface. As it cools down, it constricts blood vessels, which reduces inflammation. It is even able to treat the deeper levels of the skin with red, blue and green LED light. It does all of this within 90 seconds. If you can’t tell, it’s a pretty cool device.

Foreo makes a selection of Korean inspired activated masks with fairly clean ingredients, formulated without Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Silicones, Disodium EDTA, and Mineral Oil. Because these activated treatment masks are to be left on the skin, just like you would a serum, this makes for a fantastic finishing treatment if you are using multiple devices.

Simply turn on the app, pop in a UFO Activated Mask, and let this Bad Boy do its’ thing.

Who’s it for: Anyone and everyone, especially those who don’t have a lot of time to use devices. i.e., all my moms out there. Not suitable for anyone who cannot use LED Light Therapy.


I’ve been working hard all week to try and get this post out as soon as possible. I think my device and mask posts are the most fun and wanted to give you all something to keep your mind off of everything happening in the world. Once I’ve finished this blog series, one more to go, I’ll be making the following device videos over the next few weeks:

I hope you are safe at home. Sending you lots of wellness vibes and love ❤️


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