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Nuface & Rose Quartz Roller Results in Your 40's - Demo + Before and After

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you guys had a great week.  Sadly, I’ve been SO SICK since I’ve been back from vacation.  Thankfully, I had already filmed my demo for this week’s video while up in Northern California.  Last week’s YouTube video was a tutorial on my Mom, who’s in her late 60’s.  This week's video uses the same combination of tools on my sister-in-law, who’s in her mid 40’s.

I think it’s fun to show you results on different skin types and skin of different ages.  Plus, in this video I do a full rejuvenating rolling sequence demonstration.  I think this will help you achieve similar results on yourselves at home.

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Okay, without further ado...



Sorry for the short post. I promise next week will be longer.

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