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Oxygen Infusions | What It Is & Why Your Skin Is Literally Dying To Try It

Happy October everyone!

Now that you know I’m seeing clients for facial services, I thought I’d do a series of posts to explain the unique modalities I include in my treatments. This week we’ll be talking about Oxygen Infusions. This is one of three modalities I include in my OE Signature Facial, which is quickly becoming everyone's favorite monthly treatment. Maybe you’ve had an Oxygen Infusion before, maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. Lets take a look at what this treatment is and what exactly it does for your skin.

Just as we need air to breathe (and stay alive), so do our cells. Oxygen plays a vital role in every metabolic process in the body, including maintaining healthy skin. Oxygen is an energy source for our cells to function and is necessary for all of the things we want our skin to do, like:

Produce Collagen

Detoxify our cells

Maintain healthy tissue

Produce new healthy tissue

Wound healing!

Studies have shown that our bodies ability to heal is directly related to the amount of oxygen in our tissue. The less oxygen in our skin, the slower we heal. Think about what a bummer it is when you have a breakout that leave a mark that just won’t go away, a sunburn that stings for weeks or an exceama flair up that leaves a pink inflamed patch in its wake. These are all examples of our skin healing slowly.

Now imagine skin that's being suffocated from a lack of oxygen. We’ve all see the dull grey tinge to a heavy smoker’s face and the lines that seem too deep for someone their age. This is due to hypoxia or a lack of oxygen. When cells are starved for air they lose their ability to regenerate which triggers the aging process, and manifests in the formation of wrinkles and a dull complexion. Not to make any smokers out there feel bad (a lot of us have done it), just a little insight into the changing composition of your skin and hopefully some motivation to kick the habit.

Unfortunately, like with most things, as we age the amount of oxygen in our cells diminishes and our ability to produce more slows significantly. Sound Familiar? Think collagen formation or cell turnover. Here’s a terrifying fun fact: By the time we’re 25 years old, our facial skin has 30-40% less oxygen than we had in our teens. So if we want to stimulate cell detoxification, produce more collagen, heal faster and have healthy glowing skin, we’ll need to increase our skin’s oxygen levels.

How do I do that? I’m so happy you asked! Monthly Oxygen Infusions of course.

What is an oxygen infusion?
An Oxygen Infusion is a nourishing mist of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and peptides, which is infused into the deepest layers of the skin using high-pressure medical grade pure oxygen, to strengthen collagen cells, slow the aging process and build cellular immunity. A must for all skin types and all skin concerns as it neutralizes bacteria, brightens the skin, diminishes fine lines and drenches the skin with hydration. This incredibly refreshing treatment leaves your skin glowing!

Add a 15 minute Oxygen Infusion to any facial for $25 or get it for free when you book The OE Signature service.

In addition to Oxygen Infusions, there are a few ways of increasing oxygen in our cells. We can use ingredients topically or internally that increase cellular respiration (our cell’s action of breathing) and we can increase blood flow, which is rich in oxygen, through massage and modalities like LED Light Therapy (which I’ve just added to the OE Facial Menu).

Luzern Labs, the skincare line I use in my facials, has a hero ingredient called Biodyne that is in quite a few of their products. Biodyne, an extract derived from UV treated yeast, is easily absorbed by our skin because, believe it or not, human cells are very similar to yeast cells. This ingredient works to trigger cellular respiration in addition to stimulating all kinds of cellular activity to promote healthy skin.

The solution I infuse into the skin during an Oxygen Infusion includes Biodyne, along with antioxidants, hydrators, vitamins, minerals and peptides, as does Luzern’s Force de Vie Creme moisturizers. So you can load up on oxygen during your monthly facial and then help maintain it with a daily application of this cult favorite moisturizer (which I retail at the studio).

In case you're wanting to see what an Oxygen Infusion actually entails, here’s a quick little demo I filmed on myself. And for any esthy’s checking this out, I included some directions on how to perform an infusion as well.

Scroll to the bottom of my Facial Menu to request your next Oxygen Infusion.


While I am a licensed esthetician, I am not a doctor. This site does not provide medical advice and is for information purposes only. Always consult with your physician if you have an existing medical condition or feel unsure about adding in a new product or modality.

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