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Quarantine Self Care: How To Give Yourself A Facial At Home


Hi Everyone!

Well, looks like I finally found some time to write a blog post. Wish it were under happier circumstances. I had to cancel a lot of facials that were scheduled for the end of March and beginning of April, maybe more depending on how long this virus keeps at it. So I thought I’d share some ways you can up your skincare game at home and maybe even give yourself a facial in the meantime.

Before we get into it, I just want you all to know that I’m thinking about you. I hope you're healthy and safe. I hope you're finding creative ways to continue to generate income and keep yourself sane during this time. With many schools closing for the remainder of the year, I really feel for all my moms out there! I hope you're having phone dates and Skype hangs with the people you love. I hope you’re finding things to be grateful for despite this massive life disruption. Whatever you might be going through, I promise you will get through it and you’ll be stronger because of it.

I’m currently in Arizona with my boyfriend and my parents. I had work travel last week, doing a training and event at Canyon Ranch Tucson, and a planned visit with my parents in Phoenix for my mom's birthday. My boyfriend drove out from LA to be with my family. Then things changed almost over night and we decide to stay with my parents and make sure they had everything they’d need for the looming quarantine.

During just these past few days a couple of things have become really clear:

Alone time is a necessity. Whether it's a solo workout or quite time reading a book, continual stimulus from constantly being around other people will take a toll.

Stay positive and be thankful. It is so easy to spin out thinking about the worst possible scenario. With empty supermarket shelves and shuttered businesses, a drive through your neighborhood is starting to look like a scene from a post apocalyptic movie. Let’s be real, that can seem scary. I’m right there with you 🙋🏻‍♀️. But we need to try and stay positive. Instead of fearing what we are without at this moment, let’s focus on what we have and have in abundance. Love, family, shelter (thank you Los Angeles County for putting a moratorium on evictions 🙏🏻), food (it might not be your normal diet and bread, rice and pasta might be hard to come by but every store I saw this week had plenty of food, creating an opportunity for us all to get creative and inventive with new meals).

Taking care of yourself needs to be a priority. And by this I simply mean, to be able to care for others to show up and be strong, you must first care for yourself. This might mean doing a daily meditation, taking a hike in nature or simply giving yourself a little self-care moment. When you get what you need, you’re able to better care for others. And let’s face it, we all need a little tender loving care right now.

So in the spirit of all things skincare and wellness, for those of you looking to expand on your own self-care routine, I thought I’d give some suggestions on how to do this. Maybe skincare is your last priority at the moment. Totally understandable. But maybe focusing on your skincare routine is the perfect distraction to get you out of your head and present in the moment instead of worrying about the unknowns of the future.

Let’s start by outlining the individual steps that together make up a facial. You’ll get an in-depth look at what I do in my OE Signature Facial. From there I’ll expand, giving suggestions on how to perform each step at home. But please don’t get overwhelmed! I’m laying it all out, exactly how I do it in the treatment room. That’s not for everyone.

Pick one or two steps to focus on, to give your regular skincare routine a boost. I’d suggest starting with your cleanse. It’s often rushed if it happens at all. When done properly, it will transform your entire routine because clean skin allows for better absorption of everything you put on after!

Dying for the real deal? Have lots of extra time on your hands? Do each step in order to give yourself and your skin a luxurious dose of self-care. Plus, it will make my job easier when I see you next 😉.

Facial Steps

Therapeutic Triple Cleanse

  1. Eye & Lip Cleanse

  2. Oil Based Cleanse

  3. Water-Based Cleanse

  4. Tone


  1. Physical Exfoliation

  2. Chemical Exfoliation


Treatment Mask

Optional Modalities

  1. Gua Sha

  2. LED

  3. Radio Frequency

  4. Microcurrent


  1. Tone

  2. Serums

  3. Facial Oil (optional)

  4. Eye Cream

  5. Moisturizer

  6. Lip

  7. SPF (daytime only)

I started writing this thinking it would be one blog post. But you guys know how thorough I like to be… OMG what a beast this blog post became! You have extra time on your hands but not that much! So I’m breaking it up. Each step: Therapeutic Triple Cleanse, Exfoliation & Extractions, Treatment Mask, Modalities and Finish, will be its own dedicated post.   For each step, I’ll show you what I use in the treatment room and give options for products you can use at home. I will post as I finish each blog and you can read them at your leisure.

Feel free to DM me over on instagram, email me or leave comments here on the blog. I really want to make myself available to you, clients and subscribers alike. This is a challenging time for us all but we’ll definitely make it through it, and possibly with better skin than we started 😉

Sending lots of love, wellness and positivity. Stay safe out there!

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