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Which Sun Protection Is Best For You?

Which Sun Protection Is Best For You?

Solara Suncare is one of my favorite sun protection brands. They offer clean, chemical-free Suncare products that work to support the skin’s barrier and protect against additional environmental irritants that stress the skin. Left unchecked, these aggressors prematurely age the skin. Solara’s products use forms of physical SPF. Chemical SPFs, used by most big brands here in the US, are known skin irritants that break down the skin’s barrier and cause inflammation; some even create carcinogenic effects in the body. If you are still using an SPF with active ingredients other than Zinc or Titanium Dioxide, make sure you read this blog post, then switch to one of Solara’s options. You won’t regret it!


Wellness Driven

Like a Clean & Supercharged™ multivitamin defense cocktail, Solara’s products are plant + science powered with skin-changing, biocompatible ingredients that nourish your skin barrier.


Solara removed 1,500+ ingredients banned by the EU, plus skin and health disruptive SPF filters, cyclic silicones, PEGs, fragrance, drying alcohols, and more. We proudly pass both U.S. + stricter European SPF test standards. Also, derm tested + approved and skin allergy tested Safe for Sensitive Skin.


Solara sources responsibly, are reef safe, and use fully recyclable + FSC certified packaging. We are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free and vegan, and several products are EWG VERIFIED™.


Solara follows strict EU guidelines for full label transparency, so there are no question marks. If it’s inside, they’ve labeled it down to the .004%.



Powered by plants + rooted in science, Solara uses a proprietary 10-active botanical blend that is curated to boost your skin’s protective barrier and promote a cellular level response in the hours after exposure.

  1. Ashwagandha - Blue Light Defense + Anti-inflammatory

  2. Kakadu Plum - Potent Vitamin C (100x more than oranges)

  3. Pomegranate - Collagen + Elastin Stimulant

  4. Raspberry - Polypeptide Rich Soother

  5. Tahitian Monoi - Healing Hydrator + Rejuvenator

  6. Perilla Leaf - Antioxidant

  7. Squalane - UV + Oxidative Stress Defender

  8. Sunflower - Vitamin + Fatty Acid Rich Barrier Booster

  9. Shea - Replenishing moisturizer

  10. Oat - Skin Calming

The Line Up

Solara makes three different options for the face: Fortune Teller, a brightening SPF serum, Guardian Angel, an anti-aging SPF milk that’s gentle on sensitive skin, and Time Traveler, a rich SPF moisturizer created for active wear and water resistance. While Fortune Teller is ideal for someone in need of brightening or reducing pigmentation and Guardian Angel is fantastic for more sensitive skin types, you could easily alternate both depending on your daily skin needs. Time Traveler is great to have on hand, especially in the summer, for days of extended sun exposure, water activities, or during workouts.

If you are trying to correct pigmentation or prevent future damage, Fortune Teller is your go to for brightening your skin. It infuses a serum level cocktail of skin-changing actives like two forms of Vitamin C, Moroccan Argan and small molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. Solara’s proprietary adaptogen based SuperBright Complex™a curated blend of clinically supported botanicals and clean skincare science, helps visibly and instantly brighten skin while protecting against inflammatory environmental elements like UV, Blue Light and Pollution, that can cause signs of premature skin aging. 

Pillowy and protective, this oil-free 100% mineral sunscreen milk is loaded with 12 biocompatible actives including collagen building Super Proteins (a five amino acid pentapeptide), exotic Adaptogenic + Ayurvedic Superfruits with clinically proven cell energizing and free radical scavenging ability, and the defense barrier support of CoQ10 and Niacinamide. This gentle but fully loaded formula makes the perfect protective primer for helping to reverse and prevent environmental damage, a root cause of premature aging.

The application is similar to a dry oil that leaves a satin finish, not especially dewy. If you are prone to oily skin and aren’t looking for extra glow, opt for Guardian Angel.

This silicone-free, rich SPF face moisturizer melts in with skin-changing actives like a combination of powerhouse antioxidants, defense barrier supportive ceramides and a clinically supported Double Peptide blend to help repair past damage at the cellular level and plump fine lines.

Formulated for ACTIVE LIFESTYLE use, it's durable and water resistant to 40 min and helps defend against the sun, HEV/blue light + pollution.

For years, this was Solara’s only face option and was my daily driver. While rich, this product blends seamlessly into the skin to give a glass skin finish. If you live in drier climates or are especially in need of moisture, opt for Time Traveler.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

Not only do your lips need sun protection but they also need moisture. The skin on your lips is the only skin on your body without its own moisturizing mechanism so it’s up to you to nourish and protect them to prevent chapped cracked skin from forming. This nourish formula contains a peptide blend that softly plumps while helping stimulate collagen growth, vitamins and mineral rich Purslane which aids in cell regeneration, and antioxidant blackberry which defends against free radical damage.

The Rest Of You

Clean Freak, Solara’s active wear body moisturizer, has got the rest of your body covered. This rich and nourishing body sun screen is infused with Solara’s proprietary PlantDFNS™ packed with ten clinically supported active botanicals shown to nourish, protect and heal both during and in the important hours after exposure. While rich, this SPF absorbs fairly easily into the skin and has staying power. I wore this daily during my last trip to Kauai and never burned despite spending hours in the sea and on the trails.

Solara Suncare Brightening Sunscreen Serum

Fortune Teller

Infuses a serum-level cocktail of skin-changing actives, instantly brightens skin while protecting against inflammatory environmental elements like UV, Blue Light, and Pollution, which can cause signs of premature skin aging.

Solara Guardian Angel Super Peptide Sunscreen Milk

Guardian Angel

This super peptide sunscreen milk is gentle enough for sensitive skin yet loaded with actives that plump lines, energize the skin, and defend its barrier.

Solara Suncare Time Traveler SPF Active Face Moisturizer

Time Traveler

A rich SPF face moisturizer melts in with skin-changing actives. Formulated for ACTIVE LIFESTYLE use, it's durable and water resistant to 40 min and helps defend against the sun, HEV/blue light + pollution.

Solara Suncare Pout Protector Moisturizing Lip Serum

Pout Protector

A lightweight, multi-tasking mineral SPF lip serum plumps, hydrates + protects the delicate skin on your lips.

Clean Freak

A daily mineral SPF body moisturizer is like a rich + nourishing multi-vitamin for your skin. Solara’s proprietary PlantDFNS™ infuses the skin with 10 clinically supported active botanicals shown to nourish, protect and heal both during and in the important hours after exposure.