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Why Everyone Needs A Cleansing Device

If you subscribe to my channel then you've probably watched my video on Why Washing Your Face Is So Important.  But here's a quick recap:  Your face is filthy!  Literally.  At any given moment there's a build up of dead skin, excess sebum, dirt, pollution, heavy metals (including lead), billions of bacteria (good and bad), viruses and even fungi on your skin.  Let's assume your diligent about a thorough skincare routine and you wash your face daily.  Let's say you're a skincare superstar and you do it morning and night.  Kudos to you!  But does rubbing some cleanser on your face with a little water for less than a minute really constitute cleansing? 

I'm going to say no.  After years of cleansing other people's skin for a living, I've found that cleansing devices are incredibly necessary for the upkeep of healthy skin.  If a device can cleanse up to 11x more effectively than hands alone, I'm going to just go ahead and call it as I see it.  Hands are not effective cleansing devices.

I think everyone can probably get behind this statement as long as you've never had an irritation caused by one of these devices and you have a budget for one.  I feel you.  While I'm not poor, I have a home and a car and occasionally buy new clothes even if I'm living on tuna fish sandwiches (very cost effective even if I'm increasing my risk of mercury poisoning), I don't have a huge budget for skincare.  Which totally sucks and leads to hours creating Pinterest boards filled with all the lotions and potions I hope to someday store in a custom bathroom with marble countertops and amazing cement tile which leads to the creation of yet another Pinterest board.  But the cool thing about cleansing devices is that there is truly something for EVERYONE!  Say hello to the Foreo Luna Play Plus.  At $49, this mini device offers all the same benefits as the full size at just a fraction of the price.

And as for irritation, I am the queen of rashes.  I have really reactionary skin that gets red, splotchy and irritated easily.  I used to have this kind of reaction from cleansing brush heads and it made me wary of these devices all together.  Then Clarisonic made a new range of brush heads that are gentle but deeply effective while feeling like a luxurious fluffy cloud that happens to also hydrate and cleanse your skin.  Say hello to the Clarisonic Luxe Cashmere brush.  It's long gentle bristles cleanse without any irritation.  Scout's honor!

See guys, I've got you covered!  Check out the breakdown I did on every model these two companies make, here.  I promise you'll find a device that meets your skin's specific needs while also staying within your budget.  You can thank me later.  If you're not sure which brand is for you, here are some key points on each.


  • They're the industry standard.  The majority of facials you will receive will start with a Clarisonic cleanse.
  • Clarisonic uses patented oscillating sonic pulsations, gently vibrating dirt and debris from the skin.
  • Preprogrammed one minute cleansing timer in standard mode setting.  Customize for longer cleansing.
  • Gently removes 6x better than hands (11x better if you're using the Turbo setting on the Smart Profile) and up to 99% of pollutants after first use.
  • Their 3rd party testing showed 86% of users noticed better absorption of their skincare products after first week.
  • 96% noticed an improvement in skin texture (smoother skin) after two weeks.
  • 84% noticed a reduction in pore size after four weeks (technically pores don't really get smaller but they do tighten up when the gunk that's stretching them open is removed).
  • By week eight, 96% of users experienced smoother, softer, healthier skin.
  • 3-in-1.  The Smart Profile device offers cleansing options for face and body plus it has an anti-aging facial massaging mode/attachment.
  • They're water proof and rechargable.


  • Made from non porous silicon, this device is super hygienic.  35x more hygienic than traditional brush heads to be exact.
  • So no brush head to clean.
  • Its T-sonic power vibrates 8,000 per minute removing 99.5% and dirt and oil.
  • It's two devices in one! One side cleanses and the reverse side uses lower frequency pulsations to help push product deeper into the skin upping your anti-aging routine.
  • With 9 different device options there's something for everyone's price point, skin type and color preference.
  • They're water proof and can hold a charge for up to 450 uses. That's over a year without plugging it in.  

Stuff You Should Know:

  • Rotary cleansing devices are not the same as these sonic ones.  A brush that spins will pull your skin causing irritation and can breakdown the skin's elastin.  
  • Clarisonic brush heads need to be cleaned after EVERY use and replaced every three months!
  • I've found that holding a cleansing device a little longer over a breakout or congested area can really help to speed up healing time.
  • Limit it to once a day.  While a morning cleanse is still super important, I think it can be a gentler hands only experience.  Opt for using your cleansing device in the evening to remove the day's build up.
  • For a deeper cleanse and spa like experience, try oil cleansing first to remove make up and sunscreen, then use your cleansing device with your regular facial cleanser.  A milk or gel cleanser will work great.


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